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Sizes, Prices and Flavours 

All of our cakes are 100% homemade using only the freshest ingredients and free-range eggs. They are then custom decorated to your preference.

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We bake a variety of flavours and love trying out new combos, if you have an idea that you can't see below, please let me know and I will bake it for you. 

Choose from one of our delicious flavours, create your own, mix and match fillings or upgrade to one of our premium flavours:

Chocolate Orange

- Our signature chocolate sponge cake with

a hint of orange, filled with smooth

chocolate orange buttercream icing. 

Classic Vanilla

- A light and airy vanilla sponge cake with a sharp

raspberry jam and sweet vanilla buttercream filling.

Milk Chocolate

- A smooth chocolate sponge

with a milk chocolate fudge filling.

Dark Chocolate

- A rich chocolate sponge

with a dark chocolate fudge filling.


- A zesty lemon sponge filled with tangy,

sweet lemon buttercream icing.


- A Rich Coffee Sponge filled with a sweet coffee buttercream 


- A spiced carrot sponge (can include currants / chopped

walnuts on request) filled with our signature vanilla buttercream

Vanilla & White Chocolate

- Our light and airy vanilla sponge filled with a rich white chocolate

buttercream (also amazing with raspberry jam for that

famous white choc & raspberry combo)

Premium Flavours: 

Red Velvet 

- A Red Velvet cake with vanilla 

or white chocolate buttercream. 

Cookies & Cream 

- Alternate chocolate & vanilla sponge cakes with a crushed Oreo

buttercream filling.

Lotus Biscoff

- A caramelised sugar sponge filled with Biscoff swirl


Caramel Latte

- A coffee sponge filled with caramel sauce and coffee buttercream

(This is my personal favourite flavour!😍)

Salted Caramel

- A caramel sponge filled with salted caramel sauce and

caramel buttercream 


Choose any light coloured flavour,

sprinkles are incorporated into the batter to

make a beautiful multicoloured speckle effect when cut


Fruit Cake

- A traditional fruit cake covered in


All of our cakes are baked to order, using fresh ingredients, the day before your collection /delivery. We do not use additives or preservatives and we do not pre bake and freeze any of our cakes.

As with any fresh product consumption is intended within 48 hours of delivery/collection to ensure enjoying our cakes at their very best. 

Allergy and Dietary Requirements:

Please make us aware of any allergies or dietary requirements prior to making your order. 

*Please be aware although we can remove allergens from the recipes as requested,  we cannot guarantee any product would be 100%  free as all of our products are prepared in an environment where allergens are present. Please contact us for more information.

Cake Sizes / Portions:

"How many servings will I get?"

The below is given as a guide to help you decide on the perfect cake for your event. The below guide is ideal for serving at a party, If you are having tea and cake with a few guests, you'd probably cut slightly bigger slices and therefore get slightly less slices.

The actual number of portions will depend on how you slice. All cakes are sold with a cutting guide.

Round Cakes:

4"*    =  12 servings

6"      =  2servings

8"      =  48 servings

10"    =  76 servings

12"    =  112 servings

*4" cake is only used in tiered cakes. 

Number Cakes:

Small / Large 

Double Number / Single Number 

Please ask us about serving sizes as these depend on the number.

Square Cakes:

4"*    = 16 servings

6"      = 36 servings

8"      = 64 servings

10"     = 100 servings

12"    = 144 servings

*4" cake is only used in tiered cakes.


Prices are a base price only, actual prices depend on design/detail and can be given by requesting a quote or filling out an order form. 

Celebration Cakes: 

Fondant Covered Cakes:


6"   =  £65

8"   =  £75

10"  =  £95

12"  =  £120

Buttercream / Drip Cakes:


6"   =  £60

8"   =  £70

10"  =  £85

12"  =  £110


From : 

6     =  £18

12    =   £30

18    =   £40

24   =   £48

30   =   £60

*Minimum order 12 Unless ordered with
a celebration cake.

*Prices depend on flavour and decoration

Number Cakes:



Small: £40

Large: £60

Double Numbers:

Small: £70

Large: £120

Ideal Notice Time for orders:
Tray  Bakes
Buttercream Cupcakes    
Cupcakes with Toppers  

Celebration Cakes               
Wedding Cakes                    

*Please note, the above are the ideal notice times. - if you have less time available, let me know and I will try to fit you in.

= 2 days
= 3 days
= 5 days 
2 weeks 
= 2 months

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